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Why you should never sell your home without hiring an agent ?

It’s no secret that most sellers want to sell their home for top dollar. However, you can’t do this by yourself .

In order to sell for top dollar you must hire a real estate professional and here’s why.

Agents can get broader exposure for your property. Listing your house on the market will expose your house to hundreds of thousands of buyers that are out there looking everyday.
An agent like myself can help you negotiate a better deal, it’s not only about price but there are other negotiations like a home inspection and appraisal which is also where there’s room for negotiation where I can help you net more money in your pocket.
According to the national association of realtors, on average.. for sale by owners sell for 18% less than homes sold by an agent. Therefore, Paying a commission is an investment rather than an expense.

Homes will continue to sell for top dollar, and if you follow these steps as a seller you will succeed

My name is Arleny Valiente with EXP Realty,

Reporting from Home Qualified

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