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Why the Disruptors Network’s new docu series is one you should look out for

on April 14, 2021 2:17 AM

Most people have probably heard the endless stories of entrepreneurs who started with nothing and built themselves empires, now making infinite money and living the lavish lifestyles they’ve always dreamed of. This is all inspiring, of course, but the one thing that almost none of these individuals talk about is the process. What steps exactly did they take? Were there times they almost gave up? How did they know they were in the right industry? Were there any big struggles they had to overcome?

These questions are necessary to ask, especially for anyone thinking about taking the risk to become an entrepreneur. Ralph DiBugnara, an entrepreneur himself, took all of this into consideration as well and emerged with an idea to help provide each of those answers. Through his company, The Real Estate Disruptors, he has launched his own doc series to give people the chance to see what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Ralph’s company is one of the most high-end communities within real estate, and he’s created a network for thousands of agents, investors, and developers worldwide. Members are provided with the opportunity to not only make connections amongst themselves, but they have access to the secrets of top experts and are taught how to build a personal brand as well. For his show, created in collaboration with fellow entrepreneur Eulogio Medina, the goal is to provide that same guidance.

The Disruptors Network will be showing its viewers what it takes to build their own brands within the industry and what issues they may run into as they do so, which they’ll be doing through a lineup of big-name entrepreneurs. Some familiar faces that will be gracing the screen include Anthony Lolli, Sickamore, Hovain, Luke and Jordan Lintz, Lynn Hazan, and Vanessa DeLeon, to name a few.

Each of these individuals will be sharing how they got into their respective industries, their struggles during the process, their achievements, and what they’re up to now. The show isn’t cheap doc series like other programs, and will also be offering more than just entertainment, like important information and tools needed to scale one’s own business and brand.

They’ve also made a point to not include any staged moments. Instead, the show will feature nothing but real moments and honesty. Though many companies claim that’s what they do and then go back on their word and pump the show full of drama, The Disruptors Network wants nothing more than to give viewers an authentic experience regarding the real estate industry. The show will still be entertaining, don’t get that confused, but educating viewers is what their primary focus is on.

Twelve episodes will be available on multiple streaming platforms, like Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube, and even on the free Disruptors Network app, which will be available for download on Google Play and the App Store. The first episode will be airing on February 18, 2021, with a new episode each week.

You can find Ralph on Instagram at @dibug, as well as learn more about The Disruptors Network on their website, TheRealEstateDisruptors.com.

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