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The Key to Stress-Free Homebuying

Countless articles have been written on how the homebuying process is stressful. Let’s face it, looking for a new place to live is stressful on its own, but then factor in the fact that this is the biggest investment of most people’s lives and you see why most people feel the heat.  A new study done by Homes.com showed that an astounding 44% of Home Buyers felt nervous, anxiety or were reduced to tears during the home Buying process. Even with all the latter, stress-free homebuying can happen. Ralph DiBugnara of Home Qualified has some easy solutions to stop the madness and come out of the home buying process like you are on top of the world.

The First Step to Stress-Free Homebuying:  Find the right team.

You need a Real Estate agent, a mortgage company & an attorney that you are very comfortable with the process to guide you. The right team will have gone through this process hundreds of times, do your research online and then interview each party as if they were applying for a job with you.

The Second Step to Stress-Free Homebuying: Become an expert on your new neighborhood.

It is important that you narrow your search down to a few locations, then become an expert through research on what works best for you. If your search is too wide it will be harder to make the right decision. Utilize online resources such as as Zillow, Realtor.com and Neighborhoodscout. Not only will you be able to view and assess real estate listings, you will be able to find a reliable local agent to help guide you. For more tips on finding the perfect neighborhood, check out our Making Moves video.

The Third Step to Stress-Free Homebuying: Set a budget.

Nothing is worse as a buyer than more financial stress. Sit down set a realistic budget in what you can afford and stick to it, do not let yourself be forced into a higher price that you are not sure you can afford. Budgeting is tough for most people, but there are tons of apps now to make even the most frivolous spenders savvy savers. Check out Mint and Acorns to start. For more tips on budgeting, check out our Overhaul your Expenses video.

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