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The Best Ways to Break Into Real Estate Investing

Ralph DiBugnara reveals his check list for successful real estate investments. From flipping to crowdfunding we bring you our expert tips on cashing in.


Real estate investments and the risks and rewards they represent are misunderstood. A recent study by Realty Share revealed that the majority of American investors trust stocks rather than real estate to provide ROI. Potential investors mistakenly believe the former is a safer bet. However, real estate has outperformed stocks 2 to 1 over the past seventeen years.

Real estate investments on average offer an annual return of 10% while stocks return 5%. Only 15% of American are currently investing in real estate beyond their primary residence. Capital investor, research shows there is  money to be made. These three points of entry all present a great opportunity to maximize investments.


1.  Rental properties

Rental properties represent a great way to get involved with real estate investments. Emerging neighborhoods offer growth potential and  tax incentives for buyers. Buyers that purchase properties in emerging neighborhoods maximize profits and ensure that their income covers their costs.

2.  Flipping

Buying a discounted property, investing in home improvements and then selling the house for a profit is among the most popular paths towards investment. Approachable financing has made flipping more viable than ever for first time investors, opening up a territory that was once the domain of seasoned contractors and buyers .

3.  Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the freshest approaches to investing. This strategy provides an unparalleled opportunity for first time investors. Crowdfunding makes investing approachable and affordable by allowing investors to buy shares of a property rather than an entire residence. This wallet friendly entry point is still in the experimental phase and is relatively riskier.

Real estate is the best way to maximize capital. If you have any questions about these types of of investments contact us or comment below.

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