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Making Moves – How to Plan for Relocation

As buyers continue to expand their home search to include metropolitan areas outside of their current city, we here at Home Qualified have compiled a list of tips to make the move and transition as easy as possible.

Ready to invest but not sure where to nest? Many buyers and investors are packing up and moving in to new cities to get the amenities and returns that they need. Moving for any reason can be an overwhelming struggle, but follow along with our insider tips to make settling down and settling in a seamless transition.

Research the Market

Utilize online resources such as as Zillow, Realtor.com and Neighborhoodscout. Not only will you be able to view and assess real estate listings, you will be able to find a reliable local agent to help guide you. A local agent in the know is an indispensable tool when relocating for real estate. He or she will be able to show you the neighborhood and answer any pressing questions you have about the area. From coffee shops to school districts, agents are a one stop shop for neighborhood information.

Get Acquainted

What you are accustomed to and what you are expecting may not be what awaits you in your new hometown. Research the types and quantity of property in your desired location. If you’re looking to buy new, Texas markets such as Dallas, Houston and Austin are boomtowns with a high rate of new construction and updated amenities. Historic cities such as New Orleans, Boston and New York will likely be long on charm and period details and short on high end amenities.

Master the Commute

A key component to loving where you live is making sure it is a manageable distance from where you work. Utilize apps such as Waze during high traffic times throughout the day to accurately gauge your commute time. We strongly suggest making a test run of the drive to get a feel for the distance and time commitment of your daily commute. No sense in having a dream home that’s a nightmare to get to!

If you have any more questions about a potential move check out our site and reach out to us today!

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