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Hackensack Gets a Cultural Revamp

Hackensack is transitioning from suburb to superb


Home Qualified’s Ralph DiBugnara turns his attention to Hackensack, an emerging city to settle in, settle down or invest in. Art and Infrastructure are flourishing in the New Jersey city, transitioning Hackensack ] from suburb to serious potential.

The Hackensack Performing Arts Center will open its doors this fall. A former Masonic temple, the arts center will host concerts, plays and other performances in its 140 year old walls. City planner Frain Reiner recognized the center as a symbol of a much larger revitalization. “It’s all part of what a city needs to have, in terms of providing both cultural, educational and entertainment in order to attract the type of people that the city is looking to attract with the redevelopment.”

Artistic director Greg Liosi echoed Reiner’s goal of drawing new residents while celebrating locals.”Our goal is to cultivate new talent that we have right here in Hackensack and give them a home to perform. To give new theater companies, performers, directors a space to perform and display their talent.”

A 1 Million dollar development grant is also boosting the city’s revitalization. The North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority awarded the grant this July. The grant aims to improve conditions and beautifying the city’s downtown.

Four development projects that will bring 456 residential units and 11,000 feet of retail space to Hackensack were recently approved by the city. Buyers are being drawn to the city by these increased amenities and newly beautified downtown.

Hackensack’s solid infrastructure, reliable highway systems, direct bus access to Manhattan and two train stations, making it an ideal and affordable home base for any NYC commuter. Home prices in Hackensack average around $230,000. As a result of these relatively low real estate prices; investors and first time buyers have an opportunity to buy in on a town on the rise. Contact Home Qualified to learn more about Hackensack and its real estate offerings.

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