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Record Exec Sickamore on what makes Crown Heights Brooklyn’s best neighborhood

Interscope Record Exec Sickamore on what makes Crown Heights Brooklyn’s Best Neighborhood


While Brooklyn maintains its reputation as one of the hottest and most expensive real estate markets in the country, one neighborhood that stands out for both affordability and community is Crown Heights. We caught up with local boy and Interscope Records creative director Sickamore to hear what he thinks makes his neighborhood Brooklyn’s best.

A native of Trinidad, Sickamore immigrated to Crown Heights and still holds deep family roots in the area. For him, Crown Heights is distinguished by its diverse communities and accessibility, “Crown Heights is a melting pot of different relationships; Caribbean people, Americans, hasidic jews. It’s an area that leaves you alone as much as you want but if you want to get into it you can get into it.”

Having traveled the world in support of artists like Travis Scott and YG, Sickamore maintains that it is Brooklyn that makes him who he is today, “You’re gonna see a Brooklyn person anywhere you go. You go to a party anywhere across the world and they’re gonna say where Brooklyn at. Brooklyn teaches you how to survive and how to drive. You put a Brooklyn person anywhere and they’re going to make it work for themselves. Brooklyn kinda gives you a balance. There’s no place like it, I see why everyone wants to come to Brooklyn.”

Sickamore’s advice to those looking to call Crown Heights home is to adopt an attitude of acceptance. “Embrace the madness, embrace all the characters, embrace the neighborhood, go to the local spots, see what’s going on. Don’t come to Crown Heights and go to Starbucks. Go to places where you really get a sense of the community. Community is great out here they really look out for you if you let them.”

Sickamore isn’t the only one feeling Crown Heights these days, the neighborhood is experiencing its own surge with sales prices increasing as much as 190% over the last three years. However, with an average sales price of $984,000 and rental prices in the area clocking in at around $2,550 owning is still a relative bargain in this neighborhood. If you’re searching for a mix of affordability, accessibility and true community, look no further than Crown Heights.

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