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“It Girl” Chicpea JC talks Jersey City curb appeal

Jersey City, or JC to those that call it home is the second largest community in New Jersey, and the most ethnically diverse. Jersey City transplant and girl about town Lynn Hazan, alias ickicpea JC moved to the neighborhood in 2014 after stints in Montreal, Manhattan and Tel Aviv. Hazan started her lifestyle blog and community resource Chicpea JC as an exploration and celebration of her adopted hometown.

Recently voted one of 2017’s best cities for millennials, Jersey City offers urban amenities and staggering city views at a fraction of the cost of neighboring Manhattan and Hoboken. Chicpea herself was drawn to JC’s ethnic diversity and community feel. For her the move was a natural one, “I lived in manhattan and hated it – came to Jersey City, explored, and fell in love.” JC is joined by a growing number of millennials tired of being out priced of their New York apartments but unwilling to forfeit city luxuries for suburban affordability. JC provides the compromise with an average home prices of  $391, 000 and rent averaging $1,500 per month. Renters and buyers alike are taking notice, and helping to make Jersey City the fastest growing metropolitan area in the state.

One local resident recently gushed to research site Niche about the joys of JC, “I love how diverse Jersey City is. People in the neighborhood are very friendly, and keep an eye out for one another. What I love most is how convenient it is to leave my house and take a walk to the store or walk to the PATH station so I can travel into New York City. The parks in the neighborhoods were recently refurbished, so children and future generations can enjoy such luxuries. I’m proud of my city!”

In terms of neighborhoods Chicpea recommends the heights for families, citing the area’s parks, restaurants and farmers markets. Centrally located Bergen-Lafayette and up and coming Journal Square both get the nod of approval from Chicpea. For more info on life and living in JC check out Chicpea’s blog https://www.chicpeajc.com/

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