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Quick Home Improvements That Give You the Most Bang For Your Buck

For part two of our home improvements renovation series, we are focused on quick fixes that will give you the biggest value boost. If you are buying a home that may need some TLC, follow industry expert Ralph DiBugnara’s three tips on what home improvements will give you the best results that won’t break the bank.

The kitchen is the focal point of the home and for value most people will forgive outdated areas if the kitchen is updated. Minor fixes that can help are repainting and or refinishing the cabinets as well as replacing the hardware can really give your kitchen an updated look. Adding under the counter lights will also really brighten up the space and highlight your new paint job! Also, an investment in new energy efficient appliances will not only make it look better but will save you money on your electric bills. Fore more quick and easy kitchen updates, check out Better Homes and Garden’s tips.
The bathrooms also remain an area that most buyers really want to see new and shiny. To make your current tiles really pop, try repainting the rest of your bathroom a high contrasting color to really make everything sparkle! If you need more than just an updated paint job, some easy upgrades here are re-grouting the tile around the shower which can get old and worn looking as well as replacing toilet with a new modern energy efficient one. Again, both inexpensive and will make a big difference.

Redoing the floor can be a more expensive project but will also give you back more value than most repairs. Most buyers these days want to see hardwood floors, this will cost between 5 and 10 dollars per square foot, which can be pricey. But they will also give you an 80 to 90 % return on your money spent when it’s time to sell. There are a ton of different flooring finishes and options, so you can really make your floors compliment your home’s style. Check out HGTV’s site for some hardwood floor inspiration!

Stay tuned for more home improvements! If you missed our first home rehab video, click here to watch it.

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