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All the ways real estate photography can trick you

“Don’t be fooled by perfect-looking real estate photos! Here are 3 things to be aware of
to fight back against these photography tricks.”

1. Have you ever looked at online pictures and said, “Wow that room looks gigantic!” We all have but
be aware of wide-angle and stretched photos that can turn a third bedroom in a small house into what
looks like a football field! The wide-angle lens can capture more in a photo than the human eye can
perceive in the same space, which makes the room look massive without manipulating anything.
2. Ever think to hose down outdoor surfaces before taking pictures around them? Professional Real
Estate Photographers do! Wet outdoor surfaces will look brighter because the water will reflect more
light, and they tend to look cleaner because we associate a good rinse with a freshly cleaned surface.
This is why photographers will often literally hose everything down before taking photos.
3. “Omg look honey, this house looks perfect!” Another set of words uttered when viewing these online
pictures without thinking about, you guessed it, Photoshop! From filling in grass on a dying lawn to
removing damage or blemishes in homes, to even putting virtual furniture into the rooms themselves!
This can all be done with a few simple clicks of the mouse to paint a much nicer picture.

Finally, Photography won’t outright lie to you, but you should always view a property in person with a
trusted real estate professional before renting or buying. The cumulative effect of these tricks can
waste your time as you travel to see underwhelming properties, while also changing your expectations
when it comes to reality. Now that you know their photography secrets, you’ll be better equipped to
point them out when searching for your beautiful place to call home!

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